Game Review: Fishing Planet

I have mentioned before about my wonderful childhood growing up in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. We were blissfully unaware how fortunate we were growing up in such a wonderful tropical paradise where if you knew where to look, there was an abundance of food including fish. It is no wonder that I have always loved […]

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The Next Trend in Gaming

Games are such a diverse and awesome tool that can be used in a wide variety of fields and applications. Combined with the use of the interweb games now have even more capabilities to reach out and influence people from all walks of life, races, creeds, cultures, religions and genders. In my humble opinion I […]

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Interweb and Gaming

We live in a wonderful age but also at times a horrible age where we are constantly bombarded with information. Our technology in communications has jumped in such leaps and bounds that where it once took months to send a message or letter it now can be done instantly. We live in a time where […]

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What Brought Me Here

Sometimes life gets in the way of us being able to achieve, complete or accomplish things. Sometimes life throws a real spanner in the works so that your plans, dreams, hopes and aspirations are completely thrown out of whack. For the majority, they never will never take the opportunity to take a leap of faith […]

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